Armbian Device Under Test Platform to automate deploying images to real hardware and test


We have SBCs.
We have networks.
We have power.
We have relays.



We have a respectable repository of automating testing to shakedown images on devices. However before using this code, systems must be manually provisioned.

By having accurate inventory in netbox, network control to provide consistent IPs or hostnames, and having granular power control for devices. More automation, including imaging can be applied.

Testing has demonstrated that its is possible to have a running SBC dd an image over itself while streaming from the network. A key detail is to hard power off the device after imaging, not graceful shutdown. Obviously this won’t work on images that boot improperly or don’t have network, but even 80% reliability on this front would be great.

Existing Resources:

  • and have built similar equipment stacks capable of using that base code to control power on individual devices

  • Additional TTL consoles have been configured for some devices.

Next steps:

Adjacent Steps:

  • once REST Api exists

  • safely expose to GitHub actions

  • begin creating automations to trigger tests

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Lane Jennison