Create Jira-based checklist for Desktop Testing


Lets make it easier to track and test our desktops... Provide an easy way to create a jira issue with a checklist container the following testing steps:

Desktop Img Testing:
Monitor boot up at armbian screen you can hit any ey and watch the kernel and system boot .
if you notice anything fail make a note and report it to us.

  1. Base Setup : run the default setup and set password and user up.

  2. Does the xserver start as should first time with auto login ?

  3. Does the Armbian wall paper setup as it should as default ?

  4. Test changing desktop background. Does it change as expected ?

  5. Test launching applications 1 by 1 and note any application that fails to launch.

  6. test setting differant configuration settings. do they function as expected ?

  7. test reboot/power off .. does the board poweer down or reboot as expected ? if not note what board it is in your responce.

  8. change resaultions to see that it performs as expected ...

  9. test changing the default apps and then apply them does this function work ?

  10. perform any other test you feel might help and document them so we can add them to the list.

  11. Test multi monitor where possible. SDome systems have DP over usb-c and hdmi like the T4 and the PineBook Pro uses dp/edp. Please let us know if it extends the desktop as it should. By default it will make the DP/USB-c Default display at first.

  12. note any usb hardware you have that is special that does not work.


Lane Jennison
April 9, 2021, 6:53 PM

added automation... can be ran on a ticket and subtassk will be created

Lane Jennison
April 3, 2021, 2:26 PM

great idea.... yeah I've love for us to start just building our own debs for the glmark2 adn mesa stuff for deb to be honest..


the desktop builds we only offer 3d on ubuntu so debian can still be optional for testing until we can package


April 3, 2021, 2:21 PM

Since we are enabling 3D as well as desktop for the 20.05 release, we could include tests for 3D desktop apps here. I suggest:

  • Glmark2-es2 (package not available on Debian, but we can easily add it to our repos)

  • Webgl using

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Lane Jennison


Richard Neese